This idea of some sort of creative agency

this idea of some sort of creative agency

It’s funny you said you wanted to do something like this for like ten years but didn’t know what it would look like because essentially that’s my story too. I’ve always kind of had this idea of some sort of creative agency that I wanted to be a part of or start. But did not think it would look like this. And even when we started this, it doesn’t look the same as when we started six months ago?

We’ve talked about that, six months ago. And I would love to get more into the details of how much we’ve changed. It’s even becoming more of what I think my dream 10 years ago and growing is and was. So that’s really cool.

Incredible growth

What we have learned and where we’ve grown, and the podcast that we’re doing today, I’m very proud of. But also the level of clients when you look at a client like a Scansite3D, our newest client.

And when you look at the technological advancements. And when you look at our first podcast and look at where we’re at today in the studio here in San Rafael, California in an amazing environment. Incredible growth, I couldn’t have dreamed this six months ago and you know we’re on a fast track to just really do some amazing impactful things.

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